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Mission Statement

Crème de la Crème Luxe Suites is an inspiring, sustainable entrepreneur concept that offers
flexible term, luxury suite rentals for qualifying business owners. 


The 7 Keys of Freedom are the appropriate use of:

Imagination, Memory, Reason, Perception, Intuition, Will and Masterminding.



(source: The 7 Keys to Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to Developing the Mind by Alejandro Torres-Marco)


Why Luxe Suites


Be your own boss, customize your space


Become an entrepreneur investor with our option to franchise at a $45K buy-in


We help build your clientele with a reputable, unparalleled brand and provide monthly marketing support 

Open to CDLC staff with an 18-month lease commitment, following 1 year employment 

Available for all licensed professionals with current liability that cater to noise friendly and scent free services 

Professional services included, but not limited to: massage therapist, estheticians, waxing specialist, yoga instructors, chiropractor, botox specialist, microblading expert, lash experts, acupuncturist, reiki healer, consulting, entrepreneurs/online start-ups 


How We Make A Difference


CDLC is completely eco-friendly in all treatment and wash rooms with 100% commitment to digital technology lowering our carbon footprint through less waste, conscious purchases and vegan products


100% vegan and cruelty-free; no use of animal by-products or contribution to purchasing any products tested on animals 


100% chemical-free; we use plant based ingredients in all services and cleaning supplies to maintain a non toxic and allergen friendly environment 


The CEO and founder is a mother, minority and millennial with a passion to empower future entrepreneurs to become your own boss and financially independent 


Meet the Founder

On May 1, 2018 Leandra Hernandez launched Crème de la Crème Vegan Wellness in Cibolo, Texas. The mission is to offer high quality therapeutic, chemical free, affordable services that can be available to everyone.

During her childhood, Leandra’s Polynesian and Hispanic roots introduced the concepts of sustainability and incorporating fitness into her daily regimen. However, there is so much more to incorporate to gain complete vitality.

There is always a personal event that strikes the “why” and forever inspires the purpose behind the business. That event occurred when she was nine years old and taken to a children’s hospital via medevac due to the discovery of life-threatening tumors. Leandra was hospitalized for 15 months and was told by numerous medical professionals she would require therapy and medication permanently.

Leandra defied the odds and changed her fate from what doctors predicted after a rigorous rehabilitation cleanse. That transformative milestone became her “why” and fueled every goal moving forward. She aligned the internal and external; a perfect diet is powerless without a focus on self-care and wellness.

Realizing the importance of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, Leandra decided to make a positive impact with a holistic approach. During her professional journey, Leandra became a Physical Therapist (PT) of 12+ years, Massage Therapist (MT) of 11+ years, Massage Therapy Instructor (MTI) of 10+ years, MTI CEU

Provider and Massage Therapy Establishment Provider. She managed, operated and launched successful spa locations and eventually that inspired the creation of the nation’s first vegan wellness spa franchise.

As a licensed professional, Leandra discovered the lack of growth opportunities within the wellness industry. This inspired the CDLC Luxe Suites entrepreneur program. Designed to help licensed professionals build their own clientele and become their own boss.

Launching Spring 2023, CDLC Massage Academy will become the newest addition to Leandra’s franchise model. Offering an excellent education opportunity to become a licensed massage therapist in one of the fastest growing industries.

“The secret to living is giving.” - Tony Robbins


The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 


Peter Drucker

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